23 Tricks for Mythical Princess Sleep

Good, deep sleep is extremely important if you are concerned with the quality of your life. During sleep we rebuild our bodies and clean out our brains and other body systems. Poor sleep (and poor sleep habits) can lead to many negative symptoms including brain fog, moodiness and irritability, strained relationships, daytime fatigue, depression and anxiety, and poor blood sugar control. It also affects your appearance, leading to weight gain, reduced muscle tone, and increased aging. I am no stranger to insomnia. Lying awake in bed for hours wondering if I might be going crazy with sleep deprivation used to be a nearly nightly occurrence for me. I experienced many of the negative effects from not getting enough sleep Now that I’ve changed a few key lifestyle habits, I get MUCH better sleep and feel so much better! Occasionally I will still have a rough night of sleep (or several…hello…

Turmeric: The Extra Spice Your Brain Craves

What if I told you that there’s a spice from India that scientific studies have demonstrated: 1. Is as effective as Prozac at relieving depression symptoms 2. Reduces social anxiety* 3. Increases your long-term memory 4. Protects your brain from alcohol-induced neurodegeneration 5. Increases neurogenesis These effects are just a small fraction of the overall effects of this spice. In addition it has been shown to aid in healing and recovery with the following: 1. Inflammatory diseases 2. Cancers 3. Diabetes 4. Arthritis 5. Obesity 6. Pain 7. Skin conditions 8. High cholesterol At this point you’re probably wondering: “So, what is this magical, mythical spice that has all these benefits? How does it work? And how do I get some of it into my belly?!” Patience, young apprentice. We will explore all of this in this article. But to answer your first question, this magical spice is turmeric and…