My Orgasmic Birth Story

Disclaimer: If detailed accounts of childbirth squeam you out, click away before it’s too late! I’ve hesitated telling this story in public for over a year, because of its personal nature. It felt as though sharing my story would open it up to the scrutiny and ridicule of others, and that, somehow, documenting it would cheapen my sweet memories. I’ve chosen to push past this fear and share it anyway to preserve it in my own memory. Since giving birth to my son almost 4 years ago and then my daughter last summer, I’ve become aware of the culture of fear and anxiety that surrounds the deeply feminine and spiritual act that is childbirth. My story is one of millions of stories, some documented in writing and others only in the memories of those mothers who were there. It’s often that the stories that get told and retold are the…

How to Get Healthy and Feel Good Doing It

Underneath all of the goals we set for our health and our lives, we really all want one thing: to feel good. This means feeling great physically, enjoying our life more, having the capacity to be there for our friends and family, and being able to pursue our passions and dreams.  We work hard because it feels good to see the results of that hard work. We work out because it makes us feel sexy and strong and fit, which makes us feel good. We eat tacos with friends because it feels good to eat delicious salty food and laugh. We daydream because sometimes, it feels good to escape. The “No Pain, No Gain” myth If feeling good is a core driver for us, why do we so often think we can improve our health by making ourselves chronically miserable? We often pick foods that don’t taste good (looking at…