About Sarah

Sarah is a nutritionist who has dedicated her practice to helping people free themselves from anxiety, lifestyle stress, and neuroticism about food. After a 10+ year battle with anxiety, insomnia, and then orthorexia, she took a deep dive into the world of ancestral wisdom, intuitive eating, and nutrition psychology to figure out how to not only heal herself, but help other women struggling with similar issues.

She uses deep nutrition principles to help you replenish your body’s nutrient stores and balance your hormones so your body knows it’s safe to relax, rest, and digest. It’s hard to live your purpose when you’re anxious and brain foggy, can’t sleep, and have a stomachache!

Sarah has her bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food science with a minor in psychology, and continues to keep updated on the nutrition science world by reading and listening to lots of podcasts. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and two chunky babies.

For inquiries or consulting, please check out the Contact Me section of my site.